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about me

A passionate people-person by nature, I love learning what motivates others to shine and catalyze positive behavior change. I approach every project with innovative collaboration, vision and measurable results.

Award-Winning Communications campaigns

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thought Leader

Bilingual English/Spanish

Certified Woman-Owned Business FL

Accredited in Public Relations (APR)

Clifton Strengths: 1. Win Others over (Woo) 2. Communication 3. INPUT 4. Positivity 5. Connectedness



Nearly 20 years of proven ​success in strategic planning ​and inclusive and measurable ​behavior change.

Transformations PR are experts in crafting ​your message and are willing to weave in ​your industry expertise to develop a clear ​message to achieve your desired ​outcomes.

-Gene Ginn, Solid Waste & Recycling ​Manager, City of Lakeland

Transformations PR did an amazing job supporting the City of ​Alexandria with our Multifamily Recycling Outreach program. ​Marissa is highly organized, responsive, strategic, and data-​driven. We met our critical milestones and were extremely pleased ​with the performance of the contract. She transformed our small ​outreach task to a strategic vision for our Multifamily recycling ​communications plan. Working with Transformations PR, the City ​gathered tangible data to advocate for resources and tools for ​educating our multifamily properties.

-Helen Lee, Environmental Program Manager, City of Alexandria

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We work with videographers to ​craft scripts, live and remote ​video direction and editing ​advisory support.

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Circular Great Lakes ​Virtual Launch

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Multiple Recycling

Media Launches

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City of Decatur

Glass Packaging institute

Work completed during tenure at RRS

City of Lakeland

behavior Change Campaign

Decreased recycling contamination in recycling by 6% six months from campaign launch-Some routes saw 20%-40% reduction.

Behavior change—reduce bagged recyclables and wrap in recycling bins—5,135 Lakelanders (12% of residents) placed a sticker on their carts

Work completed during tenure at RRS

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City of Largo

Rebrand Campaign

Regional, state, and international award-winning ​recycling rebrand and engagement campaign.

  • 86% overall program participation
  • 89% of curbside customers were aware the ​cart program.
  • Nearly 50% of residents said the ability to ​recycle more items was the biggest benefit.

Work completed during tenure at City of Largo

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Nextcycle Michigan

(Spanish Voice Over)

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